iPad 2: If You Can Get it, Is It Worth It?

Marlon Miranda

The demand outweighs the supply

Apple is notorious for releasing new products every year. like clockwork on March of every year there is a new iPhone or iTouch and now iPad. Apple started the tablet race but now is behind its competitors.

Apple released the iPad on March 14 and sold out in stores nationwide in a matter of minutes. An inferior product was masqueraded by the hype and forgotten by the demand it commanded. Apple has not yet released sale figures for the new tablet.

Those expecting a tablet with game breaking ability will be disappointed. The new iPad is more of an upgrade than a new body of work. New features are cool but there is nothing in this tablet that will make your jaw drop.

The ipad 2 now comes with an HDMI output allows users to transfer their video from their tablet to their HDTV. New apps like iMovie and Garage Band were designed specifically for the new iPad. Garage Band allows for audio recording and editing while Imovie lets users record, edit and share videos in HD.

While those features sound cool, the questions is why where this features not included in the original iPad?

iPad 2 is surprisingly slim and light, at just 8.8 mm thin and weight 1.33 pounds, it i 33 percent thinner and 15 percent lighter than the iPad. The new A5 processors works twice as fast as the iPads A4 processor and displays graphics 9 times better while power consumption remains the same.

Ten hours of battery life is still top notch among tablets. iPad feels so light in your hands. Users will fall in love with the thinner frame and forget they are even holding the tablet. The tablet is as thick as the Iphone 4.

The exterior makes the Ipad so desirable while the interior lacks when compared to the Motorola Xoom, HP TouchPad. Ipad 2 uses VGA while other tablets use megapixels. Other tablets will equipped Adobe while the Ipad doesn’t. Other tablets will be running on 4G while the iPad2 doesn’t.

The new operating system iOS 4.3 also has improved features like iTunes home sharing and improved iMovie, improved Airplay and the performance of the Safari browser improved with Nitro JavaScript engine. With improved Airplay you can wirelessly stream your media content to Apple TV.

Smaller, thinner, faster, and cameras and dual processors on paper sounds like a huge improvement over the original ipad. But the new tablet is more like an iPad 1.5 than a iPad 2.
Owners of the first iPad will feel cheated like all these features belonged in the original. Consumers looking for their first tablet would be wise to hold on and wait for better features and fairer prices. iPads competitors have more under the hood for about the same price.

The number one improvement consumers wanted to see on the iPad was the inclusion of a camera. The new tablet comes with two. The one in the front takes pictures in the quality of a pre Polaroid camera. The camera in the back is poor to say the least.

The iPad comes in two colors black and white. Standard model starts at $499 and the high end model is $829. You can get the standered Wi-Fi iPad or a 3G. The 3G has two carriers, Verizon Wireless and AT&T.

The data cost should never be neglected when buying a mobile broadband device. AT&T offers bandwidth in increments of 250 MB or 2GB (2048MB) AT $15 and $25 respectively Verizon has four plans: 1 GB for $20, 3 GB for $35, 5 GB for $50 and 10 GB for $80.

Only the 3G version of the iPad comes with a GPS. The 3G tablets are more expensive but are ideal for those who want Internet on the go. Wi-Fi models are cheaper but very limited.

Even though the new iPad has less features than the Droid and Xoom and is slower than the HTC Evo, it looks like it will outsell both tablets. Apple has a sex appeal that is second to none.

All stores are out of stock and consumers who Pre-order the iPad will get theirs in mid April. Sales on Craigslist are triple the market value. Apple might make an inferior product but the company knows how to market its items.