Praise For SWAT Team Coverage

Dear Jessica [Bourse],

I left you a voice mail message and I wanted to follow-up with an email. I read the two police related articles in the El Vaquero (by John Ferrara and Alex [Gonzalez]) which reported on the SWAT training and the police blotter.

Both authors did a very nice job with particular thanks to John for his attentive investigative questions on the day of the training and the sincere respect he held for the SWAT team members. His quotes were right on point. I was very impressed with the piece he wrote on SWAT the training.

I also wanted to thank Rich [Kontas] who took several of my phone calls today. Rich and I discussed several things. Rich was patient, understanding, and listened, providing insight and feedback as well. I truly appreciated Rich’s candor and want to commend him as well.

You undoubtedly have a staff that works together. I am grateful for the work that El Vaquero authors complete on behalf of our campus community. Thank you again for the excellent work by your staff.


– Gary J. Montecuollo
Chief of Police