Suggestions and Complaints, Mostly Complaints

Dear Editor,

First things first, the website is really not functional at all, but that could be my browser. Haven’t tested it with another computer.

I wanted to make a complaint about the smoking policy on our campus. I read an article on the Vaq about the poor policy the on-campus police are not enforcing. I don’t know why they don’t or why they can’t, but isn’t it California state law that you are not allowed to smoke within 20 feet of any public building? In this case, any building on campus?

Also, why does the school’s dining area sell food at a higher price than the vending machines right next door?

Another thing, the library should be operated until classes are over: sometimes you need a quiet place to study but they close too early. Maybe popular consensus disagrees.

But besides that, the library seriously needs to monitor the computers they let students use, the ones that are meant for research and “school-related” material.

The last time I patrolled that area I saw some on Facebook, others playing browser-based games, and the couple of other users who seemed to be doing research. Then again anyone can alt+tab out or minimize their screen ( I am not a lurker)!

Another problem, where is the unstated rule that gives students the right to yell and discuss aloud to their heart’s content in the library whenever they enter those study rooms for two to four students? It’s seriously annoying, maybe GCC should let student workers work at the library monitoring those rooms and computer usage every half hour. That way they can work the hours the library is open and still not affect their 15-hour week limits.

Well, that’s what has been bugging me lately and just wanted to let you guys know. Maybe others agree that this deserves some “journalistic investigation.”

And maybe change up those cartoonist you have working for El Vaq. The political humor works best with less clutter and keep it simple. That’s all.

-Joshua Campos