Jose Gomez, a teacher who makes a difference…

Ashot Rostomyan

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in regards to [GCC] Professor Jose Gomez. Words cannot describe the positive experiences I gained from spending a short time with Gomez in Health 104 this semester. He is the epitome of what a teacher should be, and any student would benefit greatly by having Gomez as an instructor, guide and leader.

His teaching ability is a reflection of his morals, standards and traits as a human being.

Not only did I learn much through this semester, but he made me want to learn because of his motivational attitude toward student success. I can honestly say that he was the best teacher I have had at GCC.

He makes his students excited to come to class and willing to learn. Gomez is the reason institutions of higher learning are so successful. He encourages student learning while so many teachers simply do not put forth the same effort. He should be rewarded for his contributions to the college and to student learning.

Ashot Rostomyan
GCC Student