Tokyo Trysts

Just over a hundred years ago, men and women in Japan were not allowed to hold hands outside, as it was considered bad manners.

Today, couples are seen holding hands while on dates.  However, it is still considered awkward to kiss or hug in public.

A more traditional way of dating is the general rule in Japan.  Although couples express their love with PDA, it is more culturally acceptable for them to do so behind closed doors.

In summer, couples excitedly attend festivals called “Natumaturi,” where there are “Demise,” rows of delicious foods.

Couples are seen wearing traditional Japanese kimonos called “Yukata,” and enjoy sitting together watching the beautiful fireworks.

Natimaturi is the best Japanese date spot for couples that want to become closer to one another.

Students come alive at summer festivals. While girls design their Yukata and hair arrangements, boys worry about who and how they are going to ask. It takes courage for a boy to ask a girl on a date — a sweet seasonal tradition for students.