iOS 7 Irritates iPhone Users with Buggy Performance

Alexandra Duncan, Staff Writer

The latest iPhone operating system has Apple customers going bananas.

This bubbly, bright and colorful update, iOS 7, has left users confused, annoyed and even angry. While some are fearful of updating their phones from the current system, others are impartial to it.

The minimalist icons and thin, simplistic font of the update has given some users a fresh start while other users are left squinting and scrambling to read the time of day. Meanwhile, some users are even complaining that the 7’s bright color scheme brings to mind a toddler’s play phone. The blindingly bright white background is also leaving eyes tired and sore, especially when using the phone in the dark.

Once updated, the phone’s battery life will be shorter compared to the spare juice iOS 6 left customers with even after hours of watching cat videos and playing Angry Birds.

The update also has new parallax and zooming functions, which give the phone a three-dimensional look. According to CNET, a website that reviews technology, this feature is actually causing motion sickness and vertigo in some users. The parallax function allows the background to move with each angle when the phone is tilted.

“I like it,” says Avareik Davoudian, student and iOS 7 user. “It’s something new and different.”

The update also comes with an all new control center, accessible with a single upward swipe.  However, its sensitive toggle can sometimes be a major annoyance when scrolling up in an application.

The update has gone even further with upward swiping when closing applications. Rather than double clicking and waiting for your apps to start shivering, users can now close applications with a single up swipe.

Lucy Garibian, a long-time Apple user said, “It’s confusing but it’s basically the same. You just have to get used to it.”

The iOS 7 camera and photo arrangement has also drastically changed. The square option on the camera is a useless addition to the redesigned camera; however the extra filters that were added save consumers the trip of going to an additional app solely used for camera filters. Also, thanks to the update, photos can now be organized by year into super collages.

One fallback leaving iOS 6 lovers in fear is going past the point of no return. Once iOS 7 is updated — there is no going back.

There are still a lot of bugs to be worked out on the update and the uproar and complaints on every social network has proven how change can scare people.

This is the constant cycle of technology. Users enjoyed the comfort and familiarity that came with the iOS 6, however when it was first updated, its flawed mapping and navigation system were the center of controversy.

Apple has refused to comment to El Vaquero on the alleged bugs in the new system.