Texting and Driving Can Lead to Fatal Accidents

Toni Davis

Studies show that each year, 21 percent of fatal car accidents involving 16- to 19-year-olds were the result of cell phone distraction. More than 60 percent of teen drivers admit to risky driving and almost half of those teens admit to texting and driving.

On Tuesday, Jorge Acevedo, Glendale Police Volunteer, brought a damaged truck to the Glendale Community College Campus for students to see how dangerous texting a driving is.

“Technology is advancing, but at the same time people are getting to comfortable and not aware of their surroundings.everyone need to pay attention and stay alert on the road,” said Acevedo.

According to Harvard University study, cell phones cause more than 200 deaths and half a million injuries a year. Most young drivers ignore the cell phone use restrictions, almost 50 percent of drivers ages 18 to 24, text or answer phone calls while driving.

Cell phones draw a driver’s attention away from the road, whether it be a text message, phone call, or uploading a quick Facebook status. Drivers using a cell phone are four times more likely to get into an accident than a driver who is undistracted.

80 percent of accidents are caused by driver distractions nationally, while only 33 percent are caused by drunk driving.

Carissa Porter, a sophomore, walked past the damaged truck with her jaw dropped. “Wow,” Porter was speechless and looked at the truck once more, “All of my friends text and drive. I don’t because I know anything can happen while you’re driving and it’s not worth your life or anyone else’s,” she says. “But I hope students really look at this truck, I mean I even see people texting while they find a parking space, technology is truly taking over.”

Students continued to look at the truck, some closer than others, some even took pictures for themselves. When students were told that this truck was involved in a texting and driving accident, people were shocked.

Jonathan Moran, walked by with a few friends and stopped to look. “It’s crazy this happen from a texting and driving accident,” he said, “to be honest with you I text and drive quite a lot, but now seeing this I will stick to using Bluetooth and wait ’til I get to my destination to text.”

“I want to save a life. Life is precious,” said Acevedo, “everyone has a choice. Life is about choices. If you love life as I do, do not text or talk on the phone while driving or as a pedestrian anywhere, anytime.”