Breaking Dawn: A Set Up to a Grand Finale

Marlon Miranda, El Vaquero Staff Writer

The greatest love story ever sold, viewers finally get to see the love triangle unfold. “Breaking Dawn” will make your heart melt and make 115 minutes feel like seconds, leaving the audience craving more.


Director Bill Condon has done a marvelous job capturing the raw emotion and fighting sequences in Stephanie Meyer’s latest “Twilight” novel-to-screen masterpiece. Condon is brilliant when it comes to delivery and getting everything out of each scene, making the entire movie memorable.


The novel “Breaking Dawn” has broken into two films. Part one is mostly a set up to the grand finale, which will be released next year.


The movie jumps right into action as Jacob, played by Taylor Lautner (“Abduction,” 2011) storms out of his house in a fit of anger after receiving an invitation to Edward’s and Bella’s wedding.


Condon did a masterful job setting up Bella’s wedding jitters and her family’s different reactions. The ceremony is filled with funny moments as well as some sappy ones.


Kristen Stewart (“Eclipse,” 2010) does a fantastic job portraying Bella’s multiple emotions in the film — from a nervous bride to a dying mom. Stewart nails the role, which makes Bella’s transformation that much more dramatic.


Bella spends most of the movie preparing for a wedding and life after death. The wedding wasn’t just a union with Edward but also a farewell to the life she once knew.


The one minor problem with the film is that a slew of new characters are introduced but vaguely appear in the film. It will make the audience wonder why they where even introduced in the first place.


Edward, played by Robert Patterson (“Water for Elephants,” 2011) shows a different side of his character in this movie. Twi-hards will be shocked on how his character is as flawed as he is beautiful. The stages of development in Edward in the movie is monumental, from love struck to fighting for the survival of his family.


Edward and Bella’s honeymoon scene is awkward, to say the least. Edward destroys the room, refuses to do it again, but Bella keeps provoking Edward to give it another go. The real life romance between the two really help with the chemistry on screen.


The movie reaches its boiling point when the honeymoon is cut short like a Kardashian wedding when Bella finds out that she is pregnant.


This is where “Breaking Dawn” takes a giant leap. Jacob must chose between Bella and his wolf pack. Edward has a conflict with fatherhood and what the baby might do to his beloved. Bella is just trying to stay alive, while preparing for death.


“Twilight” is known to always have a great soundtrack. The music does a beautiful job describing the scene when Bella has a flashback. “Let me sign” by Robert Patterson fits the scene so well, it will make even the hardest Twi-hard cry.


After the movie, viewers should stay seated. When the credits finish, there is an extra clip that sets the stage for “Breaking Dawn 2.” It will leave fans in suspense and counting down the seconds until the last installment to the franchise.