ASGCC Legislature Discusses Programs to Benefit Student Body

El Vaquero Staff Writer

With California being one of the states that has the highest demand for nurses, it is to no surprise that the state has a shortage of about 800,000 nurses.

This was the main discussion at the ASGCC meeting Tuesday.
“Seventy percent of all nurses are supplied by the community college system,” said President Audre Levy, in a presentation to the group.

Levy explained that she wanted to shed some light on how vigorous the nursing course is. There are about 1,000 applications received each year for the GCC nursing program, and only about 200 are selected each year.

“It initially becomes a lotto,” said Levy. “We encourage them [students] to apply to various nursing programs at other colleges because this is a competitive program.”

She explained that she is also trying to bring alternative jobs to attention for the students that do not get into the program.
In addition to being difficult to get into, the program is also expensive for the college.

“It costs about $65,000 to $85,000 to educate one student in nursing,” said Levy.

In addition to the nursing program, the student legislature also discussed the Outreach Program, the increase of minimum wage for student workers, the Most Outstanding Club Award (MOCA) award ceremony and upcoming Christmas activities that are taking place on campus.

Dean of Student Affairs Paul Schlossmann heads the Outreach Program, which is addressing solutions for the dilemma of low enrollment at the college.

One of the activities of the Outreach Program is organizing campus visits to local area high schools. The goal is for students to make GCC their first choice community college.

Effective January, there will be an increase in minimum wage for student workers. President David Arakelyan reminded the students that this benefit is meant to help ease student costs.

The MOCA ceremony is scheduled for Dec. 9. This event is hosted by the Campus Organization Committee, which will give awards to the best existing club and the best new club. The winners will receive money which will be deposited into their club account. Dinner is provided, followed by a half-hour ceremony and will conclude with a dance.

To celebrate the Christmas spirit, the ASGCC is planning to have hot chocolate with marshmellows and cookies distributed around campus.

As the meeting adjourned, a quote by Ghandi was read by ASGCC adviser Joseph Puglia.

“You’re salting, you’ve reached the point of waning days, you’re becoming experienced and confident members. Finish strong.”