ASGCC Discusses Several Issues, New Trustee on Board

El Vaquero Staff Writer

Former GCC employee Tony Tartaglia was appointed as the new head of the Board of Trustees, announced AS president David Arakelyan.

After a month long process of paperwork and interviews, Arakelyan explained that Tartaglia was filling in the vacant spot left by former chief Kathleen Burke-Kelly when she resigned in September.
On top of that important announcement of the new board president, the student legislature discussed the academic decathlon; student employment; international student issues and the various activities taking place on campus.

The annual ASGCC Academic Decathlon will be on Nov. 17. The deadline to submit applications has been extended to Friday, Nov. 7.

Buzzers have allocated for this event and $500 has been spent to create the plaques, trophies and awards for the occasion.

To encourage participation, the student government will award $300 to any club that enters more than one team. The winner will receive $1000 if they are sponsored by a club.

The IOC (Inter Organizational Council) Olympics will take place between Nov. 7-9 on campus. It is a way for clubs to have fun and interact with the student body. The “olympics” will include an obstacle course in the Vaquero Plaza. There will be a variety of challenges participants compete in order to win. “We have a lot of active clubs this semester,” said Arakelyan, expecting much involvement from the club members.

Beginning in January, the minimum wage for student workers will be increased to $7.50. AS will pay close attention to this, making sure that student hours are not cut, and that the students will stay employed. This change aids those who are struggling and in need of financial assistance.

This year, 541 international students are enrolled at GCC, which is six more than the previous year. With the amount of international students enrolled, the student government decided it would be beneficial to inform them about health insurance.

The ASGCC noted that AB 1088, a new law, requires all students to answer whether or not they have been verbally abused, stalked or sexually harassed, when they fill out their applications.
For all the hard work the AS government has done this semester, Paul Schlossman, Dean of Affairs, commend them.

“It’s the middle of the semester and you guys are performing at a peak level. You guys are doing a really good job,” complimented Schlossman to all the members.

As the meeting came to a close, the weekly inspirational quote said, “You must be the change you see in the world.”