From the Editor

the Insider, 2008

the Insider, 2008

Jane Pojawa

Welcome to The Insider!

It might surprise readers to learn that this magazine has been 71 years in the making.

The student body of 1927 arrived on campus, a rented wing at Glendale Union High School, to find that the journalism department had already started a newspaper, The Galleon, to keep them apprised of all the goings-on at their school.

Over the years, the campus grew and so did The Galleon, until 1937 when students voted to rename the paper El Vaquero in keeping with the Spanish theme of the new buildings that comprised the site of the campus on the hill.

And so for seven decades, the college community could turn to its newspaper for news. El Vaq, now also available on the Web, has had a long and illustrious history and has won a great number of awards over the years.

But there was no magazine, save for the very fine literary journal the Eclipse.
The Insider was started in response to a specific need, one that could not be accommodated by El Vaquero. Some campus stories just require more: more time, more words, more research than the newspaper format allows.

The world of journalism has changed in ways that could never have been predicted back in 1927. But despite all the brouhaha over new media, we like to think that a good story, well told, is still the essence of journalism.

For several years, Journalism 107, Magazine Writing, has been a class offering of the Language Arts Department. And while many
students have gone on to have their work published, there has never been a campus showcase for their talent. Until now.

The premiere issue of this magazine is about the kind of people who make up Glendale and Glendale College. With spring semester drawing to a close, we at The Insider hope that a story or two within these pages provide a pleasurable way to start your summer reading.