Online UpdateHussein Found Guilty, Faces Death Penalty

The Daily Cardinal
University of Wisconsin

(U-WIRE) MADISON, Wis. — An Iraqi tribunal sentenced Saddam Hussein to death by hanging Sunday for crimes against humanity in the 1980s.

Chief Judge Raouf Rasheed Abdul Rahman read the verdict aloud to Hussein, who refused to stand while it was being read. Shortly thereafter, he began shouting, “God is great,” and “To hell with you and your court!”

Moments after the ruling, Iraqi people stormed to the streets of Baghdad in celebration, firing pistols and assault rifles into the air despite the curfew sanctions imposed on the city.

Still, Americans and Iraqis braced for violence to breakout from Hussein supporters and rebel forces opposing the United States. To combat insurgency retaliation, U.S. forces had jet fighters fly above Baghdad throughout the day after the announcement, as well as putting Iraqi security on high alert.

However, the United States received multiple warnings from individuals who, on behalf of Hussein, promised that sectarian violence would increase.

The case stems from an incident occurring on July 8, 1982, when 148 men and boys from Dujail, a town just north of Baghdad, were killed by Hussein and his men because of an assassination attempt on Hussein.

The verdict will now be sent to an appellate court, which will begin a review of the case within a month.