Health Center: Byond Band-Aids and Aspirin

Eileen Rasnake
El Vaquero Staff Writer

Ever wonder where that $10 health fee you pay for during registration goes?

Most students are unaware that the fee goes to the campus Health Center in order to maintain its services to the school.

Many students have said that they have never visited the Health Center and have little knowledge about the services that the center has to offer.

“I do know that there is a Health Center on campus, but I only thought that you could go in if you were having an emergency,” said Benny Miranda, 20, a business major.

The Health Center is located on the first floor of the San Rafael Building and is open six days a week. The center is accessible to registered -credited students, according to Health Center Jessica Lo Guercio.

Approximately 1,000 students visited the Health Center in March for miscellaneous reasons, said Mary Mirch, the associate dean of Health Services.

Students may come in anytime during office hours without a scheduled appointment, for Health Center services, which include first aid, RN evaluation, over-the-counter medication, blood pressure checks, crisis counseling and immunizations. A computer center with Internet access, health literature and a video and audio library are also attainable by students.

For nearly five years, the Health Center has been offering students free and anonymous HIV testing, said Lo Guercio. “In the past we used needles to do the testing, but we’ve recently used a new trial called OraSure and we’ve had a much larger response from students,” said Lo Guercio.

OraSure is a toothbrush-like instrument that collects oral fluids from the mouth. The fluids are tested for HIV antibodies. The process takes two to five minutes, and results are available the following week, said Lo Guercio.

In addition to the HIV testing, the center offers TB testing, hearing tests and vision screenings that are given daily.

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