Provisional Trustee Introduced at Special Board Meeting

El Vaquero Features Editor

The search is over for the provisional member who was needed to fill the vacant seat on the Board of Trustees, Tony Tartaglia was sworn in on Monday after four out of five board members voted for him.

The seat was the one left vacant by then, president of the board, Kathleen Burke-Kelly after her sudden resignation at the end of September.

“I am looking forward to working with my colleagues,” said Tartalgia. “This is a wonderful opportunity to utilize my skills and relationships in the community to help Glendale College continue to excel.”

He also said that he feels excited and humbled at being chosen for the trustee position.

A special board meeting was held Monday in Kreider Hall to discuss and vote for the new trustee. The board members weighed the responses the three candidates gave during the open forum that was on Oct. 24, the responses they gave to board questions that were asked at the special board meeting following the forum and from the feedback that they received after the open forum.

“I want each of the candidates and the entire public to know how difficult a decision this is,” said Anita Quinonez Gabrielian a member of the board during the discussion process following her motion for Tartaglia to fill the vacant seat on the board, during the Monday special board meeting.

“We have three incredibly capable and very skilled people from the community who’re come forward to say ‘here I am, here’s my time to serve you for hardly any pay but because I care about Glendale College.'”

The two other candidates for the position were, Armond Aghakhanian, consultant to the Speaker of the California State Assembly Fabian Nunez and Rebecca Delfino, Esq., an attorney and adjunct law professor.

During the discussion prior to the vote for or against Tartaglia board members showed they were inclined to the motion for him to assume the post.

“What impressed me most about Mr. Tartaglia was his sincere care for this institution,” said David Arakelyan, president of the ASGCC and the student representative on the board.

“I think looking forward, not just for the next four or five months, not just towards April, but beyond, I think you [Tartaglia] would be the right person for this job,” said Vahe Peroomian, board clerk.

And later Tartaglia did confirm that he would be running for the position in the April elections. “This is a special college and I would like to continue to contribute to its success as a member of the Board of Trustees.”

“It is a tough choice. But in terms of what I’m looking for, this is a very short period of time, I’m looking for someone who would really not need guidance, who would really not be told what is the next step. Someone who requires very little learning curve,” said Armine Hacopian, current president of the board.

A few days later Hacopian said that there were three key things that made her disposed to vote for Tartaglia, “His learning curve would be so minimum, his level and success in contributions to the college has been immense and his knowledge in fundraising would be very helpful.”

Victor King, board vice president, was the only one on the board who voted no during the vote for the appointment of Tartaglia.

“I have served 10 years on the Board and strongly believe that we need to bring fresh faces and perspectives to the Board of Trustees and Glendale College,” said King later. “With the hiring of Dr. Audre Levy, the college, more than ever before, is full of new ideas to make the place better for students, and I want to encourage that forward movement.”

He is not however, unhappy with the appointment of Tartaglia.
“I am certainly content that Tony is now a Trustee,” said Victor King, vice president of the Board of Trustees. “Tony knows all the Trustees and most of the faculty, staff, and administrators. So he is well prepared for the job.”

And Tartaglia is not offended by King’s vote, “Mr. King was entitled to vote how ever he saw fit. He congratulated me after the swearing in ceremony and I look forward to working with him and all of the Trustees.”

Tartaglia is a Public Affairs Manager with the Southern California Gas Company, and has been and is currently involved is many other committees, commissions and organizations. He was also one of the members of the search committee that helped to appoint the new Superintendent/President Audre Levy.

However, due to his appointment as a board member Tartaglia must resign from certain positions.

“I will have to resign from any on-campus committees, commissions and organizations,” said Tartaglia. “For example, I will need to resign from the Foundation and the Measure G Oversight Committee. Also, I will need to resign from my seat on the Glendale Parks, Recreation and Community Services Commission.

“This is due to a City ordinance that indicates no elected official may serve on a commission unless specifically exempted. The Parks, Recreation and Community Services Commission is not exempt.

“I don’t see any others that have a potential conflict at this time.”

He was a member of the Board of Directors of the Glendale College Foundation for over twelve years as well as a past president and he was the Chair of the Measure G Oversight Committee.

“I love this college,” said Tartaglia as part of his closing statements at the special board meeting on Sept. 24. “I’m very passionate for this college. I think this institution offers ability to students that you really don’t get anywhere else.”