Board of Trustees Selects Candidate, Elects Officers

El Vaquero Staff Writer

The college board of trustees has unanimously named Audre Levy as the primary candidate for president of Glendale College at its April 17 meeting. The next step was an on-site visit of Levy’s current institution, Los Angeles Southwest College.

“We will be taking a look at her leadership styles,” said Anita Quinonez Gabrielian, the Board of Trustees’ former president. “But we have also contacted the other three candidates and asked if they still want to be considered for the job, and they all said yes.”

The Board had elections at the meeting with unanimous votes for President Dr. Kathleen Burke-Kelly, Vice-President Dr. Armine Hacopian, and Clerk Victor I. King.

Also on the agenda for the meeting was a presentation by Patrick McCallum, the college’s legislative advocate, on the changes that will be taking place in the school’s non-credit programs with $30 million being allocated to non-credit education programs.

“Glendale is one of a few cities which has their community college district house the adult education program,” said McCallum. “Students who go through community college adult education programs are more successful than those at the K-12 level.”

“About 30 percent of our 7,000 students who start out as non-credit move on to get an AA degree,” said McCallum, “and the percentage of students at the K-12 adult education level who move on to get an AA degree is substantially less.”

“Statewide, the dropout rate in high schools is 30 percent,” said McCallum. “In the urban Los Angeles area the dropout rate is closer to 50 percent, and it [is] even higher [among] Black and Latino males.”

“These students are coming back later on with major educational and vocational issues,” stressed McCallum, “and we need to reach out to them.”

Recommendations were submitted for new classes to be adopted into the college’s official course offerings. These classes include Child Development 160: Guiding Children and Adolescents, Media Arts 103: Introduction to Digital Cinematography, and History 152: Radicals and Rebels: Social Protest in the 1960s.
Also submitted were the proposal of two new certificate options in the fields of Restaurant Supervision and Hospitality Supervision.