Students Donate Blood, Money to Commemorate 9/11

El Vaquero Staff Writer

September 11 and 12 the college commemorated the five year anniversary of 9/11 by sponsoring a blood drive that gave back to many local hospitals and blood banks as well as donating money to charity.

The donors gave more than a pint of blood. Many also gave $2 donation to a 9/11 Children’s Fund. The total amount raised was reported to be $184 for the 92 donors.

Many of the donors were regulars. Students Andrew Watson and Loudvik Avanesian had each donated more than five times before the blood drive on campus.

Another regular, Victor Rosales said, “[I] don’t do drugs, so I might as well donate blood for a good cause.”

This fall’s blood drive had 23 more donors than last fall’s blood drive. However, this blood drive had fewer donors than the last blood drive on campus which was in the in spring. That blood drive had a turn out of 107 donors.

“I think students don’t donate blood because they have a fear of needles and they don’t care,” said Watson.

Another student, David Machin, 18, said he would feel more inclined to donate if he knew where and what happened with the blood and how it helps.

The American Red Cross Web site offers facts regarding blood donation which can help students understand the value of their blood donations. According to the figures presented, every two seconds someone in America needs blood. They also state that one out of every ten people admitted to a hospital needs a blood transfusion. The site also reports that the national demand for blood is higher than the 15 million donations collected annually.

A person who wishes to donate blood needs to be over the age of 17, 110 pounds or over, and in general good health. The required waiting time in between blood donations is 56 days. However, if just palates are given, a person can donate a maximum of 24 times a year. Another fact is that one blood donation saves up to three lives.

“If people want to give blood they’ll find a way to do it,” said Machin.

Students can find information about local blood drives and other information regarding the blood donating process at