News Briefs

El Vaquero Editor in Chief

Bike to School Day

The college celebrated the 10th Annual California Bike Commute Week on Thursday. The event involved a gathering of cyclists and speakers, such as Erin Kurasz of the GCC Police Department and professors/bike commuters David Hassett and Mike Eberts, who spoke about the rewards and challenges of using a bicycle for primary transportation.

Taking Out The Trash

The Student Association for Global Awareness sponsored a volunteer campus clean-up on Monday. The event involved students and faculty members, such as Geography Instructor Mike Reed.
“Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time on Monday and Tuesday this week; the pile of orange trash bags in Plaza Vaquero is testimony to your hard work,” Reed wrote in a campus-wide email referring to the large pile of trash bags on the Plaza Vaquero lawn. He added, “Special thanks to the members of the Student Association for Global Awareness who made the event possible.”

Solar Power Energy

The Glendale Community College Green Energy Partnership paired up with the Glendale Water and Power in order to conduct a plan to be more energy-efficient.

Later this year, the college will begin building a new split-level parking lot and with that will be a 400 kilowatt solar photovoltaic carport on both the fourth and sixth level of the structure.
The carport, which cost $2.8 million, “is expected to generate an average 580,000 kilowatts a year for 30 years or more, which is enough to power approximately 250 homes,” according to press releases.

The new solar-powered system is part of the Glendale Water and Power’s “goal of providing 20 percent of power to the community from renewable sources by the year 2017,” and GCC is helping the city reach that goal.