News Briefs

El Vaquero Editor in Chief

  • The city of Glendale is mourning after hearing the news that one of its own was shot dead in Iraq on Nov. 23. Army Specialist Rel Allen Ravago IV, 21, attended Hoover High school and resided in Glendale. He was serving in the war in Iraq when, according to, he and his partner got into a car accident and then were surrounded by a mob of Iraqi teenagers. While some witnesses say he was shot in the head, others say his throat was slit. The site goes on to say, “the Army confirms there was an accident and a shooting followed, but authorities would not get into details.”
  • The Consul for Communications and Public Affairs at the Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles Yariv Ovidia, held a discussion at GCC on Nov. 24. In his position as Consul, he directs public, media and academic affairs for the State of Israel in the southwestern states. He focused on his perspectives of the Middle East and spoke to Levon Marashlian’s Modern Middle East class, Kassem Nabulsi’s Introduction to Government class and held an open forum with the faculty and staff. The forum was funded by a former GCC student, Bill Gohlke, in honor of his parents Ole W. Gohlke and Stephanne A. Gohlke.
  • The Business Office Technology (BusOT) department is getting a new name. The department will now be called Computer Applications and Business Office Technologies (CABOT). The change was deemed necessary as the business department personnel felt they needed a title that was closer to corresponding college names and to help students/staff find the department easier in the class schedules and catalogs.