New Pulitzer Center Fellow Announced

Brittany Klintworth plans to highlight the perils of fast fashion

Brittany Klintworth, a Mass Communication and Journalism double major at Glendale Community College, has been named 2023’s GCC Pulitzer Center Fellow, a reporting fellowship awarded to one extraordinary student capable of reporting on any topic involving gender from a location of their choice.

Klintworth will be using her fellowship to report on the mass consumption of fast fashion through an intersectional feminist lens. The Pulitzer Center at GCC is a collaboration of the history and journalism departments in order to create a center to help students focus on reporting issues involving gender. History professor Michelle Stonis and Journalism professor Dr. Reut Cohen Schorr are the co-directors of GCC’s Pulitzer Center Campus Consortium. El Vaquero asked about the selection process. “Student proposal submissions are gathered for two semesters at a time, and up to four finalists are selected in total across two semesters to represent the campus for a calendar year,” said Cohen. “After narrowing it down to two or three finalists, Professor Stonis and myself submit those candidates to the Pulitzer Center. Pulitzer Center representatives also weigh in. At times, candidates may be asked for their CVs to help us in the selection process.” 

A fellow must also agree to certain conditions ahead of being named.“A student fellow must commit to traveling to D.C. in October to present their research and has clear deadlines for completion,” said Cohen . “With the hard work comes exciting mentorship and amazing opportunities, including a fully paid trip to D.C. and a $3,000 research grant.” 

Klintworth said in a previous interview with El Vaquero that she is excited to have the privilege of mentorship from experienced journalists and guidance from devoted faculty on campus. “Dr. Reut Cohen and I look forward to continuing to build the consortium partnership between GCC and the Pulitzer Center,” Stonis said. “Our current focus is on advertising and outreach, so we offer this opportunity to more students.”

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