GCC Partners with ASU to Simplify Transfer Pathways

Glendale Community College (GCC) has collaborated with Arizona State University (ASU) to launch the MyPath2ASU program, which assists GCC students in seamlessly transitioning to ASU. MyPath2ASU is a unique program that guides GCC students from the start of their college experience to a successful transfer to ASU.

The process of transferring to a four-year university can be overwhelming for many community college students, according to a news release. MyPath2ASU allows students to create a list of courses relevant to an ASU bachelor’s degree and track their academic progress toward their educational objectives.

“As one of the region’s top transfer colleges, GCC is continuously searching for innovative ways to support our students,” said GCC Superintendent/President Dr. Ryan Conner, in a press release. The integration between GCC and ASU not only strengthens GCC’s reputation as a premier institution, but it also prepares students for academic advancement, with over 1,500 students transferring from GCC to a four-year university each year.

“MyPath2ASU is designed to assist students at the beginning of their educational journey and will demystify the requirements for students who want to pursue a specific pathway,” the release reads. ASU’s transfer acceptance guarantee is MyPath2ASU. Students are provided with a smooth transition to campus and support critical to student success through student support strategies of collaboration, academic alignment, term persistence, and transfer outcomes.

Laura Manaseryan can be reached at [email protected].