CSUN Celebrates Women Armenian Journalists  

A.G.B.U. Hye Geen event attracted students, professionals alike

Journalist and freelancer Lika Zakaryan shows trailer of her documentary "Invisible Republic" covering the 44-day war in Karabakh. (Alexandra Der Boghosian, Staff Photographer)
Journalist and freelancer Lika Zakaryan shows trailer of her documentary “Invisible Republic” covering the 44-day war in Karabakh. (Alexandra Der Boghosian, Staff Photographer)

“Women Journalists at the Forefront of Empowerment” not only empowered but rejuvenated the significance in being a woman Armenian journalist at the annual 2022 A.G.B.U. Hye Geen, Young Circle and CSUN Armenian Studies international conference. Over 50 people attended the event that featured keynote Armenian female journalists on Nov. 5 to emphasize the work ethic and dedication these journalists project in their work.

The event brought together six female Armenian journalists who share the same message on why journalism is crucial for the future Armenian generation. From freelancer and DJ Liz Ohanesian to LA’s very own Ellina Abovian from KTLA 5, the speakers emphasized Other participants included Astrig Agopian, Lillian Avedian, Lika Zakaryan and Alene Tchekmedyian.

The event provided the opportunity for Armenian students, from middle school to college, to hear how these journalists strategize in order to make it their mission to bring art, news, and politics to the public. In particular, the journalists discussed the behind-the-scenes work and steps to get the coverage they need. These Armenian female journalists have become role models to the Armenian community. Especially with the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict still occuring, the Armenian community needs more media coverage than ever. Journalists at the event described how they are a bridge between the Armenian community and getting media coverage for Armenian-related issues and affairs. Freelancer and DJ Liz Ohanesian stated “I’m happy with my work when there are stories that people don’t regularly read.” 


“Self-preservation; Our goal is to invite Journalists around the world,” said Professor Vahram Shemmassian of Armenian Studies at CSUN. Each speaker brought their own take on the significance of journalism. Not only locally but also internationally. Journalist Astrig Agopian is a freelance journalist from Paris. She is currently in Ukraine covering the ongoing war. 

During the event, the audience ranged from senior citizens to young high school students. This allowed the speakers to share their experiences and perspectives to the different generations of the Armenian community. Journalist and native of Artsakh Lika Zakaryan shared her story and perspective when experiencing the war first hand. Journalists like Lika and Astrig, who cover news from the battlefield, cover first hand news. Whereas journalists like Ellina Abovian and Lillian Avedian cover local news. 

Together, these female journalists contribute and strategize in bringing news to society. Their significance is reflected from the audience they project. Therefore, it is important to hear their stories from the Armenian community. The AGBU Hye Geen event provided unity and inspiration towards the female journalists and the future Armenian generation. Allowing them to think big and share stories that will shape news coverage around the world.

Alexandra Der Boghosian can be reached at [email protected].