The Learning Center at GCC

The countless resources available to GCC students

The Glendale Community College Learning Center has many options to support students looking for extra help with different subjects. While you can only schedule free math and writing tutoring sessions online, you are welcome to request appointments for other classes and subjects when coming in person to the Learning Center. 

The Learning Center is located in the AD building, nearest to N. Verdugo Road, on the second floor in room AD232. If you take a look at the webpage for the Learning Center on GCC’s website, you can have many questions answered. “Tutors are GCC students who have been recommended by their instructors,” according to the website.

Workshops are also available within the Learning Center with topics including, and not limited to: “Critical Reading of College-Level Texts,” “Logical Thinking,” and “Timed Writing Assignments: How to Write Under Pressure.” These resources are available to all students at Glendale Community College. You can register for these workshops up to one hour before they start. 

In addition to the workshops, many other areas within the school are designed to help students receive extra help. The Math Discovery Center, located on campus near the Santa Barbara Building, has tutors and other resources available for students who are looking for a better grasp of math studies. More information concerning the Math Discovery Center and other resources available on campus are available on the GCC’s Learning Center’s page, or physically within the Learning Center. 

According to The Learning Center webpage, “Due to staffing challenges, the Learning Center will offer remote services only and close at 2PM on Wednesday, October 5, 2022.” If you happen to not be available during these times, there is a program called Smart Thinking, which can be found on the Learning Center’s webpage. Smart Thinking offers tutoring during hours that the Learning Center is closed. 

Some tips the page offers regarding tutoring are setting goals for each session, preparing, and planning. Since each session is 30 minutes, it’s recommended to walk into the session knowing what you are struggling with, or if you are preparing for a test, to ask questions about the material that you are having a hard time with. 

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