Glendale Community College Modalities Evolve

A look at some of the various ways students can learn

The modalities for Glendale Community College are set in place in order to combat COVID-19 and make sure that students still get the education they want while keeping everyone safe and healthy. With the pandemic still posing a threat, the college has offered a range of classes that can be taken remotely, online, hybrid, or in-person for specific classes. 

GCC has protocols for students who want to take in-person classes. The protocols require that every student wear a mask, upload proof of vaccination, and self-monitor for any COVID-19 related symptoms. This has offered students the opportunity to choose the best time for those on a tight schedule. 

I think it’s a matter of fit for each particular student,” Elizabeth Bryer, an English professor who teaches asynchronous courses emphasized. “I’ve had some students in my online classes who really liked to be able to take the whole class from home on their computer, and they worked really hard, and their skills improved just as much as students in my in-person class improved. And for some of these students, they couldn’t have attended in-person classes because they had no childcare or transportation or were facing some other obstacle to coming to campus.” She explained students with limitations can benefit from online classes but added that this varies from student to student. 

Kiera Yambao, a sophomore student at the college, prefers being face-to-face. “I think in-person classes are the best for students because it allows the teacher and student to go one on one to figure out any learning problems,” Yambao said. “The benefits of online learning are its flexibility and accessibility. However, with online courses, it can encourage students to not pay attention as there can be too many distractions at home. I believe in-person classes are the best option because it forces students to pay attention with limited distractions.”

Michelle Stonis, a history professor at Glendale Community College also stressed individual preferences. “One type of learning modality isn’t necessarily better or worse; the individual needs of the student, including their learning style preferences and life stage, must factor in,” she said. “In-person classes can provide a type of engagement, social connection, and instant reciprocal feedback loop between the instructor and students that online courses struggle to replicate.” 

GCC seeks to make sure that students have a range of learning options to choose especially during a time like this and in a post-pandemic return to campus. 


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