The Women of Glendale Community College Organize a Casual “Get To Know You” Event

Gathering seeks to create connection through conversation and food

Female students attending Glendale Community College who want to befriend fellow female peers are welcome to attend a social event hosted by director of CalWORK’s, Aarin Edwards, on May 6 outside the San Rafael building at 2 P.M.

 “Feel free to join you GCC sisters in a chance to informally chat, network, and support the female students and faculty,” Edwards said to the GCC community via email. She explained that there is no need to worry about planning one’s own lunch, as food will be provided. Such foods include baked goods, herbal tea, and both regular and decaf coffee. This is an in-person event, and all mask and vaccination policies will be enforced. Links to these COVID-19 prevention protocols can be found in the links at the end of the article.

 Additionally, if one is concerned about eating their snacks in an enclosed space, they are free to roam about the building to social distance. One must reserve a spot using their Glendale Community College email address using the provided Google Docs form which can be found below. 

According to a virtual interview with Edwards, her main motivation for hosting this event is to “disregard the small cliques,” and instead band together in order to become the “powerful force” that women are, said Edwards. It is also “fun to have coffee and snacks with a supportive group of women on a Friday,” said Edwards. 

Furthermore, she hopes attendees are able to make new friends or rekindle old friendships that may have been put on hold due to the pandemic. “Most importantly, [we] want to send a message to GCC’s female students that this is a place where they can find support,” Edwards said. 


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