President of GCC Releases Statement Regarding Russian Attack in Ukraine

Statement demonstrates a voice of reason in a time of need

Feb. 24 became an atrocious day as Russia launched an attack on Ukraine. Four days later, GCC President Dr. David Viar released a statement addressed to the Glendale Community College (GCC) community. “I strongly condemn these atrocious acts by aggressive nations that put all of us in danger and ask that we come together in support of those in need,” said Viar in a press release. 

In three paragraphs, Viar addresses many emotions the community has faced in these difficult times. Although concise, Viar emphasizes the need to come together as a community, which is the primary foundation for GCC itself. 

As events continue to unfold in Ukraine, it has become apparent that numerous lives have been affected, including many at GCC. Viar makes this clear as he continues, noting in his release that “we must show compassion, support, and assistance for our GCC students, staff, and families who are impacted by the latest events which are being felt in Ukraine and beyond.” This isn’t the first time Dr. Viar has reached out to the community affected by an international conflict. Back in Oct. 2020, Viar spoke to students and staff at GCC via email to inform them that the college condemned Azerbaijan in a conflict with Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh (known by Armenians as Artsakh). 

Dr. Viar concludes his recent statement with a reminder to call GCC’s Student Health Center for those in need. The Multicultural and Community Engagement Center also sent out an email on March 22 with information on how to donate to Ukraine. Although not endorsed by GCC, donations have helped the International Rescue Committee gather the resources necessary to assist civilians forced to flee their homes. 

As of March 23, there is fear that Russia could potentially launch a chemical or nuclear attack on Ukraine. Since the amount of refugees has grown to about 2.4 million, there is no doubt that action must be taken to prevent the war from escalating. According to ABC News, over 100,000 refugees are trapped in the city of Mariupol with little to no help. President Biden has announced he will meet with key allies in Warsaw and Brussels to discuss sanctions targeting Russian lawmakers. 

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