Dr. Viar’s Retirement

After more than eight years of service, Dr. Viar has announced his retirement as Superintendent and President of GCC. Viar’s journey has led him to become a great leader and gain  strong relationships with the community. Under Dr. Viar’s leadership, GCC was able to set a new record for degrees and certificates, and maintain the highest level of accreditation. GCC’s president’s commitment started with the city of Glendale. Dr. Viar was a member of the Glendale Fire Foundation Board and the Glendale YMCA. His achievements and dedication have made a positive difference and have set a new standard for the upcoming years.  

 Dr. Viar has bonded with many colleagues and staff members over the years. His experiences in education have allowed others to learn and gain respect. “I have had the opportunity to work alongside Dr. Viar as his executive assistant for five years and feel fortunate to have been on his team these past years.” stated Debra Kallas, his executive assistant during her interview. Many others who have worked alongside him have expressed their gratitude and feel honored to work beside him.  

Viar’s retirement announcement was expected because he intended to serve five years. But his devotion to education and the relationships he has built within the community persuaded him to stay. “Although it may be challenging under new leadership, GCC will continue its path to provide our students and community with the best educational  opportunities possible,” said Kallas. She also stated, “ While [its] difficult to see him retire, I understand his decision and plan to continue providing support.” The Board of Trustees has held a meeting, as of Oct. 19, to search for qualified candidates to replace him before his departure in June 2022. Dr. Viar plans to spend his retirement with his family and wife of 47 years. GCC’s achievements and accomplishments are a reflection of Dr. Viar’s admiration and dedication.