How the campus feels about the vaccine-mandate

All staff and students need to be full vaccinated to attend Glendale Community College

The federal vaccine mandate was built to protect employees and students. GCC students, staff and faculty are required to be fully vaccinated by Oct. 31. Attitudes towards the mandatory protocols appear to be mixed, El Vaquero found. 

Leonardo Ramirez, a sophomore studying Restaurant Management explained that he is already vaccinated and is okay with the vaccine mandate. Ramirez is not worried about what might happen in the future because he thinks if most people get fully vaccinated, the risk of getting COVID will be almost nil. For this reason, he agrees that people who use an extension or excuse to get vaccinated after the deadline can do so.

Damaris Betancourt, a sophomore studying Public Health, 100% agreed with the vaccine mandate because she had experienced the misfortune of someone in her family getting infected. Betancourt states “As far as being someone who has experienced the impact of COVID first hand by having my mother hospitalized for a week, and had been diagnosed with pneumonia as a side effect from COVID. I am okay and on board with having people vaccinated to attend classes in person.” This student is not concerned with the vaccine mandate because she believes the vaccine mandate is straightforward, so people already know what to expect. Lastly, Jesus Ramirez, a senior studying IT Management and Dietary Services, is fully vaccinated, so he thinks this method will protect people who attend in-person classes. Even though Ramirez 100% agrees with the vaccine mandate, he has a concern about people not being serious about it. “What will be the consequences for those people who do not want to follow the protocol and rules?” Ramirez asked. The answer can be found right here: 

In August, the Board of Trustees approved a new policy that says people who are working at GCC and students that are assisting to classes in person need to be fully vaccinated by Oct 31. If a person has a health condition or a valid religious accommodation, these people need to apply for an exemption. If they get an exemption, without exceptions every week they need to submit a negative test of COVID-19 to the app Kokomo 24/7. Glendale Community College is partnering with Kokomo 24/7 for people to upload their documents safely. Because of all the success of the fall semester, the Board of Trustees decided to make a policy to protect workers and students from the pandemic who assist at Glendale Community College. All people vaccinated who came to Glendale Community College have to follow the protocol and follow the rules. For example, every person who goes to GCC has to wear a mask all the time to protect others and themselves. 


Submit your COVID-19 vaccine information or your weekly COVID-19 test results if you have an approved exemption at: 

Sonia Ramirez can be reached at: [email protected]