Transfer Admission Guarantee Programs Offered by GCC (TAG)

Many students dream of transferring to a university after a couple of years in community college and the option is offered at Glendale Community College. The Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program allows all California community college students to transfer into one of six participating UC campuses. “A CCC transfer student is one who has completed at least 30 semester (45 quarter) UC-transferable units at one or more California community colleges.” Students will NOT be eligible for the TAG program if they have already obtained a bachelor’s degree and/or professional degree. Interested students must also be  high school graduates.

When you find out that the TAG program is for you, there are steps that you need to take to secure their guarantee. Students who qualify  must ‘complete the TAG application and submit it during the appropriate filing period’, once the application is submitted, applicants must complete all their courses and maintain the GPA requirements that are specified on your TAG agreement. Lastly, submit the UC application to the colleges chosen on the TAG application.

TAG applies to campuses  in different regions of California, such as Davis, Irvine, Merced, Riverside, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz. This is beneficial to students because the variety of locations gives reach to a grander population of people who may want to transfer schools. El Vaquero interviewed Gabriela Perez, an alum who graduated from GCC about her experience being a full time nursing student at GCC. ”It was a very smooth process to finish my pre-requisites and transfer into the nursing program, from that moment on, school got intense!” 

 When asked if she had ever heard about the TAG Program,  Perez expressed how she “never heard about the program until I informed her about it, and she wishes that GCC offered this when she was in school, then maybe she might have transferred to a different nursing program.” 

Students are encouraged to speak to their guidance counselor before submitting a TAG application. Due to COVID guidelines, students must  make an appointment with a guidance counselor beforehand. When applying for a transfer it is very important to be weary of the deadlines for filing out necessary paperwork.

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