GCC Enforces COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates


Photo by The Focal Project via Flickr

A COVID vaccination card in a medical clinic.

You may be meeting your classmates face to face soon enough. The rise in the Delta variant of COVID-19 in Los Angeles County coincides with enforcement of new mandate rules. The Glendale Community College Board of Trustees officially voted that in order to access District facilities on all campuses, you must be fully vaccinated. This new mandate takes effect on Oct. 31.

“As we begin to bring back in-person classes for the fall semester, we have a responsibility to provide a safe learning environment for our students and staff at GCC,” said Board President Dr. Armine Hacopian. El Vaquero spoke to California students about their feelings surrounding the vaccination mandate. “As far as being someone who has experienced the impact of COVID firsthand by having my mother hospitalized for a week and [who] had been diagnosed with pneumonia as a side effect from COVID, I am totally okay and on board with having people [get vaccinated in order to attend classes in person,” said student Damaris Arreola-Betancourt. “It only makes sense to avoid such medical hardships.”

Long Beach City College student Julie DeStefano said she is worried that the new mandates might push anti-vaxers into a “frenzy.” “I am relieved, I am fully vaccinated!” said DeStefano. “I don’t understand why we are denying science. These poor doctors are working themselves to the bone just to be told by someone who refuses to wear a mask, it’s a lie?! I just worry that the new mandates that are taking place like in schools and where people work, are going to feed into the hype frenzy. I get it is your body, but there are also rules in society.”

Students who are uncomfortable getting vaccinated will have the opportunity to pursue their degree progress online. Those who are taking their classes in person after October 31 will need to upload their vaccination verification through the online portal that was sent to students this week to their official school email accounts. If you do not upload your verification by then, you will be dropped from your in person class without a refund.

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