GCC’s Pulitzer Center Campus Consortium: Could Your Story Be Next?

Two professors pioneer new Pulitzer Center Campus Consortium with 13 students


Jacqueline Kamei

The GCC Pulitzer Center Campus Consortium is spearheaded by history professor, Michelle Stonis, and journalism professor, Dr. Reut Cohen Schorr.

Sept. 20th marked the fourth week for thirteen students’ academic ventures in journalism with Glendale Community College’s (GCC) new Pulitzer Center Campus Consortium. 

Thanks to a $20,000 two-year grant from PIMCO and the dedication of GCC’s two co-directors, the Pulitzer Center opened Aug. 30 with the start of the Fall 2021 semester making GCC “the first community college on the West Coast to be a campus fellow,” according to Dr. Reut Cohen Schorr. Under the direction of Dr. Cohen, journalism professor, and Professor Michelle Stonis, history professor, the program specifically allied the Journalism and History Departments to foster critical thinking, professional development, and writing skills that will aid students in effectively telling real life stories regarding gender issues. 

“The consortium opportunity is for anyone looking to expand their analytical and written communication skills,” Stonis said. “The consortium will equip students to both craft insightful questions about the critical issues of our generation and interrogate the issue of how gender impacts the stories of people around the world.” With the pairing of the two departments, students have been learning about history through the perspectives of females living in various eras to provide historical context for their current and prospective articles. With lessons on how to engage in historical thinking from History 111 and lectures on what questions to focus on when reporting from Journalism 103, students have been developing the groundwork to effectively tell important stories now and in the future.

Beyond these goals and skills, students have also been writing for another opportunity that the consortium provides. GCC’s Pulitzer Center seeks to “offer a reporting fellowship to one outstanding student who can report on any topic involving gender from a location of their choice.” This recipient will also have their article published and attain the opportunity to fly to Washington D.C. where they will network with other Pulitzer Fellows. Students will acquire additional skills and professional experiences that may open up a whole world of possibilities that could take them to places that they never imagined. 

“Wherever they end up and whatever they write, knowing that I had a small part to play in their journey makes my work and legacy worthwhile,” commented Professor Stonis. Especially with current issues regarding gender, such as the recent Texas abortion law, reporting on issues affecting the public with precision and accuracy proves itself to be continuously crucial to the general population’s awareness of the world around them.

When asked about where the Program was headed, Dr. Cohen replied, “I see regular speaking events, workshops, and trips in the future, including in a post-pandemic reality. I see collaboration across disciplines both now and in the future to discuss the important role that journalism serves while tapping into the crucial need for good reporting on gender issues.” The Center has delivered on these future goals as GCC’s Pulitzer Center will be hosting an online event with the award-winning journalist Anna Louie Sussman called “‘Women’s Work’: A Conversation with Journalist Anna Louie Sussman” on September 27, 2021 at 12 PM PDT where Sussman will talk about her Pulitzer Center-supported reporting. Despite the pandemic, these two professors still wanted to provide students with unique events such as these that would enrich one’s learning. 

“When I was hired at Glendale College, my goal was to bring quality and superior education in journalism to our community college students,” said Cohen. “I believe that the Pulitzer Center collaboration with Professor Michelle Stonis is another facet of that.”

To learn more about GCC’s Pulitzer Center please visit: https://www.glendale.edu/academics/academic-divisions/social-sciences-division/history/pulitzer-center-campus-consortium 

To learn more about and to register for the upcoming event, “‘Women’s Work’: A Conversation with Journalist Anna Louie Sussman,” please visit: https://www.glendale.edu/Home/Components/News/News/20842/8046 

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