How do college students feel about the upcoming election?

Should you be excited or nervous?

The 2020 presidential election is only 12 days away , and soon, America will either continue to have the same values it has had for the past four years, or change course and elect a candidate with a political background that has stretched over 40 years. No matter what happens on the evening of November 3rd, Americans will wake up knowing that they have fulfilled one of their constitutional rights and made a difference by voting, whether it is by re-electing the incumbent president Donald Trump or former vice-president Joe Biden. Amidst all the bickering and arguments we see in politics, being on one side gives some citizens the opportunity to criticize one or both candidates for what they could’ve done while serving and what they will do if they are elected. Both candidates, Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden have gone back and forth at each other through ads, debates, and the occasional smack talk that happens every day during their rallies or town halls. 


College students will most likely  be impacted by the result in November,  because they have certain beliefs and goals they want to be fulfilled and will support a candidate they can trust. Being young and having exposure to both Democratic and Republican party platforms, students tend to focus more on finding the negative aspects of the opposing candidate and their campaign messages.  Many young students will be voting for the first time, and they want their voices and concerns to be heard. With the election less than two weeks away, a majority of voters have  feelings of nervousness and excitement, especially during this period before an election, when early voting is in process. By submitting the ballots early,depending on the rules of the state, an individual ensures that their vote will count sooner than later and will eliminate the hassle of waiting in lines on Election Day. The site TargetSmart has found that in the state of California; registered Democrats constitute about 68% of early votes so far as opposed to Republicans having only 26% of early votes sent in.


Are college students nervous or excited about the election? How will it impact them? Feelings of nervousness and excitement are merely based on who you support and expect to  shatter the 270 mark. According to a Forbes article titled “A New Poll Shows College Students Prefer Biden by Almost a 41 Point Margin Over Trump,”  that includes a poll by College Pulse, most students would prefer a candidate like Biden over Trump, because of his previous experience being a politician. Trump, however, ends to make good points at times which are often taken out of context and not reported how he would prefer. This Forbes article also pointed out that 70% of college students say they will vote in the election, and among that 70%, Biden has a 51% favorability compared to Trump’s 19%. College students will be impacted by this election because whether or not they already support a candidate and their views, they will most likely follow in their candidates’ steps and believe such ideas as well. Once the voter makes their choice and the results are final, there is no going back, and for the next 4 years, the decision made on Nov. 3 will shape how Americans view each other, how they treat each other, and how America will use its core values to come together as a nation and make decisions that everyone can agree on. In the end, if you feel nervous or upset about the result, it wouldn’t be right to blame certain individuals or parties, for it is the citizens who exercise their voting rights to make sure the best leaders are elected. 


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