Free COVID Tests and Screenings

Shared Harvest Fund launches drive-through test facilities and telescreening

In an effort to reduce overcrowding in hospitals as more and more people need to be tested for COVID-19, the nonprofit organization Shared Harvest Fund has officially launched their pop-up drive-through  testing facility in Culver City on April 3, with a free “MyCovidMD” telescreening app on the way. Specifically for those who may not be sure if their insurance covers COVID screenings, or those with no insurance at all, these new facilities make it easier for those with doubts about their health to get checked out and figure out if they need to be tested for COVID, without leaving their home and risking transmission. 

The new online platform, along with the drive-through testing facilities in Culver City, will allow for COVID-19 screenings and “mini mental health assessments” in order to help all of us cope with the realities presented while following quarantine. Drive-through testing is set to begin on April 3 in Culver City and will continue indefinitely, also  providing services to the homeless population and other communities by connecting them to organizations and much needed resources in this time of crisis. According to their website, around 10,000 rapid tests are expected to be given to residents in areas affected most, as pop-up testing sites are expected to continue to appear in areas that may need more assistance. 

Being a nonprofit organization, Shared Harvest Funds relies heavily on their volunteer community health partners, who are able to accumulate credits towards their student loans or  emergency savings accounts as they volunteer to assist at drive-through locations or online.

Currently, drive-through testing is taking place in Culver City at Blackbird House on 10600 Virginia Avenue. While these facilities may not be up long, the MyCovidMD app and portal will still be providing essential services to marginalized communities most affected by the virus, along with new pop-up testing areas that will be announced on their website:


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