COVID-19: Resources to Help

In these hard times contending with a  worldwide pandemic, it may be hard for people to have access to certain amenities. Costco and local supermarkets have reported issues with shortages, brought on by hoarding. Luckily for the students of Glendale College who wish to receive any form of assistance they just have to read carefully.

Glendale College is seeking to help by sharing resources with the student body and staff. Here are some you can take advantage of.



The Glendale Beeline will be operating during these circumstances on its regular schedule for each bus. It is also free at this time. For more information, you can visit their website at or call their toll-free number at (818) 548-3960.



A lot of people are struggling to keep up with bills..

SoCal Gas is ensuring that “no service will be disconnected. No customer will have their natural gas turned off to non-payment.” If you have any questions or concerns regarding your water and electricity, don’t hesitate to call (800) 427-2200. Please note wait times on the phone may be longer.

 For the residents in the City of Glendale, the Glendale Department of Water and Power ensures its customers that they, “will not disconnect electric or water services or charge late fees through April 2020 due to customer’s inability to pay a bill.” It does not mean that they won’t have to pay the bill at all for the months after April 2020. However, a grace period will be in effect. They suggest that you email them at [email protected] or call (855) 550-4497 to set up or come up with an alternative form of payment.


Keep Americans Connected Pledge

 For the next 60 days, internet companies will be providing additional help. The link below contains more information on the additional help that they will be offering to Americans.



No termination of any wireless, home phone or broadband, residential or small business

customer due to the inability to pay. The company will waive late payment fees. It is offering unlimited internet data and access for limited income households at $10/mo through their ACCESS programs.


Comcast Xfinity

 Comcast will be opening their Xfinity Wi-Fi network for free and providing unlimited data. All customers will receive unlimited data for no extra charge.

No customer will incur late fees or get disconnected if they contact the company about not being able to pay the bill.



The company will be waiving  late fees.


Charter Spectrum

Charter is offering free Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi to households with kindergarten to college students who don’t have a Spectrum broadband subscription. Call (844-488-8395) to figure out a plan.



This company will be waiving late fees Customers with metered data plans will have unlimited data per month at no extra cost. Customers will get an extra 20GB of mobile hotspot data per month for 60 days.


T-Mobile & Metro

Customers will get additional 20GB of mobile hotspots and tethering service for the next 60 days. They ill increase data allowance to students and schools for the next 60 days. That is 20GB of data per month for each participant.



With the Glendale College Food for Thought Pantry having to close, the following services are available locally:


Catholic Charities of Los Angeles-Glendale Community Services Center

4322 San Fernando Rd.



Rental and utility assistance, case management and food pantry services.

Requirements for food are that you bring your own reusable bag and a picture I.D for a new applicant.

For financial assistance, bring I.D. for each family member, proof of address, rent receipts, and proof of income (e.g paystub, SS, SSI, CalWorks, etc.). They are currently available Monday through Friday from10 a.m. to noon and 1:15-3:30 p.m.


Salvation Army Corps Community Center- Glendale

The salvation army in Glendale is also offering help for those who are in need of food but it’s not just limited to the City of Glendale. They are also willing to help those who reside in the CIty of Burbank.

320 W. Windsor Rd. Glendale, CA 91204

(818)246-5586  call for hours


The requirements in order to qualify for these services: 

  • There is a need to register for this program by filling out an application 
  • Bring ID for the residents of Glendale or Burbank


The Salvation Army is not asking for anything else; no need for proof of income, no proof of citizenship, and no other background information. For more information, visit or call their number. We recommend calling for their business hours as it may or may not be affected by Covid-19.

Foothill Unity Center Inc

91 N. Oak Ave. Pasadena, CA 91107


Usually they help only residents of Pasadena and Altadena, but currently they provide food to everyone once a week. They offer a variety of help ranging from the need of food stamps to handing out bags of groceries for those who are in need of food and hygiene products. They provide one bag of food to a family but it depends on the amount of food the Center receives. 

Their usual business hours are Tuesday & Wednesday 1:00pm-3:30pm. We recommend calling them ahead of time to know their business hours since they could possibly be affected by Covid. 

**Note that this is a drive through pick up only. 


World Harvest Food Bank 

3100 Venice Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90019


Hours: Monday – Friday 8am to 6pm; Saturday 8am to 3 pm

The World Harvest Food Bank’s goal is to push for healthy eating and a much healthier lifestyle. Organic is the way they go, so all the food they receive are donations from their locals in their communities and local supermarkets. 

Companies in need of Workers:


Has plans to hire 100,000 workers for the time of this to help those who have been laid off or that have been put furloughed. You will receive benefits given by the company and will be able to work in a controlled environment by following safety regulations. 


Expects to hire 10,000 people at all levels of the company. Since the only place that aren’t being affected are many fast food chains or restaurants, Domino’s is offering to help those who are looking for employment while receiving benefits and insurance for health and other necessities.


Hiring workers at its stores and distribution centers. Supermarkets are looking to hire over thousands of people to work in their department stores but the companies are looking for people to work at their warehouses to help set and distribute palettes of water, paper, and other perishables supermarkets tend to sell. 


Listing many open positions on its website for their supermarket locations across L.A County. You can work as a cashier, sales associate, cashier or stock person. There is not a whole lot of experience needed; If you apply here or at any supermarket branch as this being your first job, you will learn all the qualities that make a responsible and useful sales associate.


Showing a significant number of open positions on its website and has been hiring to meet increased demand. The demand is high everywhere where there is a grocery store or supermarket so it’s not bad to apply. 


Eduardo Carreno can be reached at [email protected].