ASGCC Hosts BBQ, Encourages Club Sign Up


Photo By: Rory Cohen

  The Associated Students of Glendale Community College (ASGCC) state their belief that their Welcome Fair is a great opportunity to bring students and faculty together at the start of each semester. With that in mind, ASGCC hosted their Welcome Fair on March 3 where students got to dunk a peer in water and enjoy an assortment of BBQ, with seemingly expanded vegan options. “The purpose of the Welcome Fair is to expose more students to ASGCC and what the program is about,” said Sune Aghakian, ASGCC’s president.

Aghakian, freshman with a major in marketing, spoke with El Vaquero about her role, “I wanted to join and gain exposure to the campus. I ran for president to be more engaged and connected to the campus itself and its students,” Aghakian explained.

The event showed promise this semester, students who went out told El Vaquero. Coby Ascencio, 23 years-old with a major in psychology is driven by helping students find support. “I wanted to challenge myself and my leadership skills,” Ascencio said. He has been a part of ASGCC for only a couple semesters but already feels like he’s given to the community and said he will look for more ways before he transfers to California State University, Northridge,  his college of choice. “I feel like networking in AS will really help me with settling in when it comes to finding a stable job,” he said.

ASGCC hopes to engage more of the campus and wants students to stay tuned to future events on campus this spring semester.