Beauty 101

GCC hosts a panel of industry leaders as a part of their Business Lecture Series

Alin Pasokhian, Web Editor

Global business leaders in the beauty industry visited Glen- dale Community College as a part of GCC’s Business Lecture Series. Hosted by Professor Rafael Cardona, the panel included executives from L’Oreal, Wood- bury University, Small Business Administration of Los Angeles, and television personalities from ABC.

The event included free professional portraits and meet and greet sessions with the executives before the panel talk began. This allowed the opportunity for students to make connections and network with people who may help them in the industry, and provide guidance with any issues they may come across.

Professor Cardona introduced the Entrepreneurs Alliance, a club on campus created for aspiring students who want to get a head- start in the business industry. The club president Katya Carapetian, and LinkedIn Student Learning Ambassador, Erik Salas, gave a summary of the club, and even a crash course of how to use LinkedIn as both of them are LinkedIn Ambassadors for the GCC cam- pus.

The panel began with Anna Manukyan, who is the Assistant Vice President of L’Oreal USA. She delved into global trends and how predicting trends have changed over the years in the result of social media. Before, trends were decided by the people in the industry who planned the next fad and the masses followed. Nowadays, however, trends have to be predicted because of social media. The masses decide what’s “in” and the industry has to care- fully follow that.

Fashion marketing chair and trend scientist, Wendy Bendoni from Woodbury University, spoke about trend science and how fashion and computer science now go hand-in-hand. Bendoni uses consumer behavior and incorporating the data collected into designing, branding, and marketing the product directed towards the right people.

Terri Billups, Assistant District Director of the Small Business

Administration of Los Angeles, gave guidance to many students who have their eyes set on start- ing a business of their own. Many were not familiar with what the SBA does, but Billups showed just how much help this organization can be. From helping with loans to sessions which teach aspiring business owners how to handle any problem that may arise, and how to have a successful first year.

Jaime Monroy, a television host, and comedian with ABC discussed how dressing for success applies to any time of the day. Monroy emphasized that women tend to feel more of a need to look good when the same pressures should apply to men as well. He gave tips on how to dress down and dress up for casual and formal events. As a host, he also talked about the importance of how to meld and be ready for improvisation, as many random things can happen while at any event.

With a full house, gift bags, and exceptional guests for this event, “The Business of Looking Good” seemed to be the most successful event of the GCC Busi- ness Lecture Series so far, and from the level of attendance, it’s clear that students not only had fun but learned a lot from this experience.