El Vaquero Looks at the Best Deals in Women’s Magazine

El Vaquero looked for the best deals in subscriptions to women’s fashion magazines. These niche magazines are already making a lot of money with the bulk of advertisements in their pages, so they are able to offer their magazines for exceptionally cheaper prices. These magazine conglomerates are hoping that you will re-subscribe at a higher rate. Though, it is ultimately your choice whether to renew or not. Ultimately, you may just decide it is worth it to keep subscribing. Here is what we found on the current best deals on the market.

Get fancy and stylish with Vogue. Vogue is offering six issues for $6, with this subscription offering a free stylish tote bag for a limited time only. You will be receiving Vogue at home without having to go to the bookstore or grocery store to buy one at the advertised price on the cover. Additionally, you will also get Vogue’s original designed tote and instant access to its digital edition, which is available on a tablet of smartphone  device. Any new print subscriptions will begin to arrive in four to six weeks. If you selected digital access as part of your subscription, you can access it immediately. You will get these incredible options with saving almost $36 from the general subscription rate compared to when you get a Vogue in store. If you love Vogue, you better consider updating to their 12 issues for $12, which also comes with a free tote.

Vogue is a women’s magazine that has impressive covers, an elevated language, and a general mood which delivers a lot of fashion tips. It also has articles about life, style, relationships, and even political and policy stories. Visit the website to subscribe and get the limited tote now before it runs out.

For more information, go to: bit.ly/VogueSub

Stay “in style” with a magazine for the fashion-forward. InStyle is one of the best magazines that are read by teenage girls and women, along with the fashion-savvy crowd. InStyle mainly focuses on fashion and celebrity news, and it is more easygoing compared to Vogue. InStyle’s annual subscription is for $19.50 is pretty common and popular. If you’re a fan of magazines, though, bundle and save.

InStyle offers a deal with another magazine, SHAPE. For only four more dollars a year, you can get both magazines delivered to you with a secret gift from InStyle. The gift is a secret. However, in previous years it has been items like nail polish (full-sized!). The gift has not been revealed anywhere on the web but a comment left on the website by subscriber suggests it’ll keep you up with fashion. Either way, you will be saving a lot of money if you choose to go with an InStyle subscription as opposed to buying it off newsstands.

For more information, go to : bit.ly/InStyleSubscrip

Among these pretty nice choices, the best “bang for your buck” deal comes from Cosmopolitan magazine. If you subscribe, the issues are one dollar a month, or 90 cents for each issue if you choose two years subscription. Cosmopolitan is not as sophisticated as InStyle, nor as fashion-forward as Vogue. It’s about street style and they are not afraid to get a bit raunchy. Cosmo feautures women who wear what they want and talk about their sex lives. The magazine also conveys beauty, cosmetics, fashion tips.

For more information, go to : bit.ly/CosmoSubscip

After  discovering these great deals, I decided to subscribe to Vogue. I chose Vogue because even though it did not offer the best deal that lets you save the most, the magazine subscription came with a cute tote as a gift to new subscribers and I wanted it! In addition, I like being able to access their digital edition anytime, anywhere. As a magazine lover, I prefer print magazines for my collection but also enjoy accessing them online, especially while traveling because I do not feel like carrying them around everywhere I go.  It feels extremely nice not having to keep an eye on the calendar and still get the magazines on time.

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