Filipino Culture on Campus

This two-day event will give an insight to the vibrant traditions of the Philippines

Gabby Duga, Staff Writer


Growing up in a Filipino household in America, my mom always cooks a lot of savory and delicious Filipino food, from breakfast until supper. Filipino food reminds us of our homeland and its rich heritage, which we have carried over with us to share with those that are living in the United States.

This year, Glendale Community College’s Filipino “Phamilya” Club partnered up with Filipino-American faculty and administrators to host the college’s third annual Filipino Fiesta. The event will be spread out between April 2 and April 3, showcasing the culture’s flavorful and vibrant spirit.

To set the tone of a Filipino fiesta, lively music will play, with a jeepney parked up front. During the main part of the party, various delicacies and desserts from different parts of the Philippines will be offered to guests. A Filipino favorite, lechon roasted pig will also be offered, for everyone to taste the scrumptiousness and crispiness of the dish.

In addition, the organizers will welcome a panel of Filipino-American entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals working in the private sector throughout Southern California, who will share their experiences and success stories with the rest of the college.

We hope to see everyone at the Fiesta!