Serving Up Ice Cream, Nitrogen-Style

ASGCC hosts social hour in an event that’s now a regular occurance on campus


Tania Acosta / Staff Photographer

ASGCC offered deluxe toppings, including Fruity Pebbles and Oreos.

If there’s anything on earth that can bring someone a smile, it’s definitely ice cream. Variations of ice cream can be traced all through history, from ancient Rome in the form of snow and honey, to 16th century England when it was known as “cream ice.” Nowadays ice cream comes in so many forms, it’s hard to find a variation that doesn’t exist. It’s a treat that can make someone, in even the worst of moods, instantly happier. What better way for students to have a pick me up than to host a do-it-yourself ice cream day?

On a hot Thursday afternoon,  the Associated Students of Glendale Community College set up shop in Plaza Vaquero and served up smiles in the form of ice cream, nitrogen style.

“We started doing ice cream day during my Fall semester in 2017,” said Alex Gevorkian, vice president of the activities committee “We thought the students would love it and find it interesting to see ice cream being made that way.”

This isn’t just any regular old ice cream, either. ASGCC made sure to make ice cream that everyone could enjoy by using liquid nitrogen.

“When we were planning the event, one of the topics was finding ice cream that is not only enjoyable, but also entertaining fir all,” said Joanna Flamenco, senator of the activities committee and one of the ice cream makers. The staff at the event made the ice cream in front of students to show off the process of using liquid nitrogen.

The process starts with a steel bowl and some milk. To get your desired flavor, chocolate for example, mix in the flavoring with the milk and sugar. Next comes the liquid nitrogen, which is so cold it should only be handled with the proper gloves and goggles at this paint. In this stage, it isn’t safe to eat, but that part comes later.

Pour in the liquid nitrogen and enjoy the cool show of fog from the chemical reaction, but be careful not to add too much. ASGCC ice cream makers, while still remaining cautious of the amount, were able to perfect this. Once the concoction is partially frozen over, stir until the mixture is thick, and then add more liquid nitrogen to help it freeze over again. Repeat this process a few times, each time adding less and less, and the finished product will be a perfectly creamy scoop of ice cream.

Ice cream by itself is cool, pun intended. But it’s even better with toppings. ASGCC took the liberty of making sure you got everything you need. The topping options offered included Nutella, Oreos, Fruity Pebbles, and so many more.

Nitrogen ice cream has become a thing. For instance, Cauldron Ice Cream, Creamistry, and North Pole Snow Pole in Glendale offers an array of options.