Welcome Back, GCC!

Over a hundred college students designed their shirts


Chieko Kubo

Putting their own favorite colors on their shirts.

ASGCC threw a tye dye event on Sept. 13 at Plaza Vaquero. Representatives of the student government supplied over 150  Glendale college students with T-shirts and dyes.

The hosts told participators to “Inject [the  dye] and have fun” said Chris Lopez, 18-year-old, business admin major. He was happy about how the event brought the students together.

ASGCC also supplied the students with chips and drinks, which helped out everybody who was waiting under the sun for a turn to make their Tye Dye shirts.

The organizers of the event ran out of t-shirts and had to dig around in their inventory to find an extra supply.

Students at Glendale College seemed really happy about this event. Can GCC expect more in the future?

Attendees had to wait six hours for the dye to dry, after they could wear their shirts.

Chieko Kubo
ASGCC students gave them fun experiences.