Your Student Government

The who, what, where, why and how behind ASGCC.


Samuel Reynolds

Michell Garabetian, a political science major, is here to help fund GCC club events.

With the Fall Semester already underway, students at Glendale Community College are working diligently to find their rhythm. Sure, for those who have music based courses, this term is literal, but it also deals with the personal life of the student and their time management.

Whether it be a job, family, sports, clubs, socializing or anything in between, finding a balance point for priorities is a must in the life of a college student. Thankfully, there are students who have managed to multitask, and are not only handling their academics, but also work for the welfare of the campus, through Associated Students Glendale Community College. Their goals focus on making life throughout the semester at GCC a bit easier to better help students and faculty alike find their rhythm.

The events that have been held around campus, as you might’ve guessed by now, have all been organized and funded by ASGCC. Some may think that funding just appears from nowhere, but Joshua McCall, a Senator of Relations, clarifies that isn’t the case.

“We balance a budget for each semester that allows us to generate events, club projects, and grants for the student body,” McCall said. “The funding comes from the student store, which we operate.”

He goes on to encourage students with innovative ideas to come and request funding, so long as they meet the college and associated students guidelines.

Up next, is the finance committee, which makes decisions regarding the budget, spending and the distribution of funds between clubs, events and improvement programs. As Michelle Garabetian, a Senator of Finance describes, a lot of effort is put into the application and distribution processes.

“Finance focuses on the money that comes into the school and what spending is going towards, advocating for areas that we think need improvement,” Garabetian explained.

She further explained that in order to receive funding for a project, clubs and individuals must fill out what is called the Campus Project Support, as they refer to it, a CPS. During this, one must come up with a track plan of what the money will be spent on and how this will benefit students, staff and faculty. After the CPS is submitted, applicants are interviewed by ASGCC to determine whether or not funding will be granted for this specific project.

When it comes to planning and hosting events, it is the main priority of AS to make them fun and enjoyable for their fellow students and faculty. Joanna Flamenco, a Senator of Activities, expressed that the activities committee is focused and dedicated on creating a relaxing and fun environment for students, to help relieve the stress of life and school.

And when it’s time to plan an event, the committee makes sure that the smallest detail is done perfectly.

“We pick up food, set up games, play music, and host events that create community engagement,” Flamenco added.

While ASGCC provides plenty of fun activities, they’re also concerned about the physical and mental well-being the Vaquero family. When they attend their weekly meetings, they conduct their voting and training with GCC’s best interest at heart. David Perez, a Senator of Finance, says that when they have these meetings, they take it seriously because of who they represent. 

Perez says, “We represent about eleven hundred students, so it’s imperative that we do speak and we do ask questions, because if you stay silent, you’re silencing eleven hundred students.”

Though their main task is to make sure that nobody and nothing go unnoticed on campus, ASGCC members have build unbreakable bonds with their fellow senators and members. This results in a strong form of comradery in college and beyond.

“Every single senator, vice president, president, or advisor, everyone has a good head on their shoulders, so this feels like a really good receptive group,” Perez said as he expressed his gratitude to be part of such a good group of people. He also added how the environment encourages individuality as well as cooperation to make their responsibilities and studies easier.

The ASGCC is full of individuals with high ambition, with one big thing in common, and that is having the best interest of Glendale College in mind. Creating a good space for self-improvement, as well as an opportunity to help others throughout the year, the AS welcomes newcomers and encourages everyone to challenge themselves throughout their education. Who knows, this way one may even find their rhythm.

Joshua McCall is Senator of Relations.