David Khechumyan Named Next ASGCC President

Editor’s Note: GCC’s incoming ASGCC president submitted the following letter to El Vaquero to address the campus community.

My name is David Khechumyan, and I am your Associated Students of Glendale Community College President and Student Trustee for the fall 2018 through the spring 2019 semester.

I am very humbled and truly grateful for the opportunity that was given to me through the voice of the students, and am ready to execute my role to my fullest potential.

I come with years of leadership experience, including ASB President in high school, and most recently, I served as the vice president of campus relations. Having a background in leadership and knowledge of the dynamics of our student body, gives me a strong foundation to amplify a student’s voice.

My goal is to advocate aid for our students’ concerns, and strengthen the overall Glendale Community College experience.

My executive team and I want to make sure that every student on campus has a voice, because there are so many different walks of life on our campus, and we want to make sure that as the student bodies voice.

We represent and support all students. My team has had previous experience in our student government, because they served as senators for the Associated Students of Glendale Community College in the past. In total, we are a group of responsible, passionate, and hardworking individuals who want to make a change.

As your new President and Student Trustee, I promise to do my best to provide students with a president and student trustee who they can trust. I want students to communicate and let us know if there are any flaws, and how we can improve them.

My goal is to make sure that students know that our organization is for them, and that we truly are a group of students that do a good job at representing them.

My intent is to make this difference, and with my team by my side, we will not let you down.