Career Fair Draws Hundreds Over Two-Day event

Opportunity comes to Glendale Community College students during a rough job market


Allison Ayala

GCC students attend the Spring 2018 Career Fair.

GCC hosted its Spring, 2018 Job Fair from March 27 to 28, at the Sierra Vista Plaza. The event was put together by Sharis Davoodi from GCC’s Career Services. Over 80 employers attended the event in order to offer college students a chance to find work.

Hundreds of students attended the event, some among them brought resumes and applied for positions in companies such as Age of Learning, Chef’d, YMCA of Glendale and the City of Glendale.

ESPN Deportes 1330 AM came out to DJ for the school. They also came out ready to give away soccer balls to a few lucky people. This was the first time that radio stations came to entertain for the job fair.

The job fair also offered a raffle where a few lucky winners walked away with Amazon gift cards.

If you were caught with your pants down while you walked by the SV plaza during the Job Fair do not worry, the Career Services Center has some tips for you to follow.

Students that want to find success should attend the workshops in the career center, said Davoodi. Most students that get hired always come prepared. You want to find out who’s attending and come prepared with questions for the recruiters.

Davoodi expressed that what you wear matters. Don’t show up wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Instead of dressing in your everyday threads considering wearing something that is business casual instead.

You should also bring multiple copies of your resume, a common mistake that a lot of students repeat is they bring only one copy of their resume.

An additional step you should take is to bring networking cards, also known as business cards, to give out with your resume. This helps you set apart from people who just brings a resume. The career center advises students to use services like to get a respectable network card.

Another common mistake students have made in the past was not following up with the companies after they hand over their resume, stated Davoodi. “Send them a thank you card with a letter or an email.”

For one-on-one help the Career Center, which is located in the third floor of the new Sierra Vista Building, is available for all GCC Students. The staff there would be happy to help you prepare for the next job fait with the workshops they offer. Faculty members will aide you with your resume as well as teaching you how to behave during an interview.

To check for available dates and hours visit the Career Center of check