Scholars on the Road to Success


Glendale Community College has many resources students can take advantage of that help with transferring to a four-year school.

One of the programs Glendale College offers is the Scholars Program, also known as the college’s honors program, established in 1986. It has been created to serve the needs of academically-promising students and offers opportunities for more intensive study.

The program is based on a five-course curriculum, or 15 units, involving general education and pre-major courses. Scholars is a three-part program. The first is excelling academically. The second part is being involved in a community service program, and the third requires the student to be a part of a campus social club which entails that the student attend club events throughout the semester.

“Scholars Program has contributed to a massive growth in my character,” said Shant Krikor Anmahouni Eulmessekian, president of the Scholars Program. “The Program has three pillars, Academic, Social and Community Service, putting emphasis not just on grades but the balanced development of a good citizen. I am overjoyed that in my short time here at GCC, I have managed to improve overall, rather than just my academics, and I have the Scholars Program to thank for that. I often say that the program gives a University of California feel inside a community college, and I stand by my statement.”

Professor Michael Harnett, who is the director of the Scholars Program since fall 2013, leads the research group which develops students for many research opportunities and presentations when attending student conferences, something that is hardly available for Vaqueros not in the program. The students also get easy access to early registration for their honors classes.

“We believe that this emphasis on compassion, collaboration, and fellowship bring intangible but highly valuable benefits to everyone involved,” said Harnett.

The student must be actively engaged in attending all Scholars meetings, work within each assigned committee (Outreach, Community Service, Fundraising, Journal, Social Events, and Banquet) and actively participate in at least 10 events planned by community service, fundraising, and events committees each semester.

“We help feed homeless people, plant trees, clean up parkland and public areas, and work to help many other groups and organizations in the area,” said Harnett. “Plus, we have potlucks, hikes, and events such as skating, bowling, and several social gatherings, plus numerous opportunities to serve the community and reach out to promote the program area to high schools and various fairs.”

One of the many great benefits is that it has an official transfer agreement with UCLA’s Transfer Alliance Program (TAP). With the many volunteer work and events attended it makes the student have a greater chance at attending UCLA. When the student completes both the program and TAP it indicates a strong service record. Nationwide campuses recognize GCC Scholar Program as a very competitive platform when it comes to transfer applications.

“The program was a very life changing experience for me,” said Agnessa Kasumyan, former president of the club. “It allowed me to grow and challenge myself in a number of ways. As president, I was a part of something bigger than myself, and I was working with an incredible group of people I learned from every day. It definitely was not easy, but it was worth every second.”

To sign up for Fall 2018, the deadline is March 15 for early decision, and June 1 for the final deadline. If coming out of high school the student must have a 3.25 grade-point average or higher. For a college student, a 3.0 GPA is needed, you must complete at least one Honors course per semester, participate in all Scholars monthly general assemblies and weekly committee meetings, in addition to attending club events.

“In all, Scholars is a welcoming and mutually supportive organization that I hope to improve continually,” said Harnett.


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