Campus Police Offer Safety Services

Nareg Atteukenian, Staff Writer

After a stabbing in the medical lot near the Garfield campus, the Glendale Community College Police are looking out for students and cautioning them to stay safe.

Several ways that students can be kept safe on campus are through the use of police officers, call boxes, often checking student school emails and a text notification system called Nixle.

“We employ sworn police officers,” said Glendale College Police Chief Gary Montecuollo.

“They are just as duly authorized as Glendale, Burbank, or Pasadena police departments. They have the authority to investigate criminal activity, make consent stops, and make vehicle stops.”

Campus police are looking out for students to keep them notified of any incidents that occur on or near campus.

Police officers on campus play a huge role in the safety and protection of the students and faculty.

Campus police also offer services for students to safely get from their vehicles to their classes.

“We offer an escort service to students if they feel uncomfortable walking to and from their car. We provide a cadet to walk with them. That’s something we do without question, without complaint,” said Montecuollo.

One way for students and faculty to contact campus police are the blue call boxes.

There are 28 combined call box locations between the Glendale and Garfield campuses.

Using the call boxes is as simple as pressing the button and being connected to the police emergency line. These are for emergencies only.

The use of emails helps notify students of a closed parking structure or an accident near the school campus.

Another way that the campus police keeps the school informed is by using the  text notification system Nixle.

“Through your cell phone you can sign up for Nixle. Nixle is our emergency alert notification system,” said Montecuollo.

Nixle helps to inform students of all campus-related threats or emergencies, if there were to be one. Students can sign up for Nixle by texting “GO GCCALERT” to 888777. Students can also visit to view updates and information about what’s going on campus; also the campus police are located next to the bookstore.