Student Government Update: Election Results Are In

Student Government Update: Election Results Are In

The Associated Students of Glendale Community College held elections on May 24 and 25 with 1,586 ballots cast.

President – Can call Executive Committee meetings in order, serves as the student member on Board of Trustees and upholds the laws of the Associated Students.

As of Tuesday, the result for President is still pending for candidates Emin Azarian and Daniela Shamilian.

Vice President of Administration – Prepares, maintains and distributes ASGCC agendas, minutes and records.

Raffi Terteryan was elected as vice president of administration with 926 votes. The runner-up was Grigor Simityan with 530 votes.

Vice President of Activities – Coordinates all special and cultural events.

Eddie Uluchian was automatically elected vice president of activities with 458 votes as he was the only running candidate.

Vice President of Finance – Presents funding to the clubs with legislative approval.

Results are also pending for the vice president of finance, even though Karo Papazyan was the only candidate.

Vice President of Campus Relations – Coordinates ASGCC marketing and website.

Walter Malkhasyan was elected as vice president of relations with 813 votes against Elen Martirosyan who earned 680.

Vice President of Organizations Recruits student clubs and organizations.

Lilit Bazikyan was elected vice president of organizations with 893 votes, runner-up Aren Bonyadi finished with 564 votes.