Update: Armenian American Museum


Last week City Council deemed Glendale’s Art and Entertainment District as a more suitable location for the Armenian American Museum.
The museum’s governing board agrees that the new area commonly known as Central Park — precisely on the corner of Brand Boulevard and Colorado Street — is appropriate considering its surroundings.

According to the site description in the City Council agenda item, the district “was formed with an intention to have it developed into an area that contains a high concentration of bars, restaurants, theaters, nightclubs, art galleries, music or comedy clubs and museums.”

The museum would add to the “prominent civic and cultural venues” including Alex Theater, Central Library and the district’s latest addition of the Museum of Neon Art.

The issue of relocation was brought up during community forums that took place earlier this year.

Attendees were adamant about voicing their opposition to the original location during these meetings which is what inspired the council’s decision to relocate.

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