ASGCC Seeks New Faces for Campus Leadership


Nancy Villalobos

OPEN HOUSE: Prospective ASGCC members fill their minds and stomachs.

The Associated Students of Glendale Community College hosted an Open House on Oct. 19 in the Student Center to attract some new prospects for student government as election time is coming up on Nov. 19 and 20.

Music, a pizza buffet, along with tours of the offices and a brief overview of the application process rounded out the day’s events.

Nineteen positions on five committees will be available during spring 2016 and the ASGCC wants to see some new faces and fresh ideas.

They encourage students to get involved and make a difference.
This year’s President Christine Ovasapyan was present to answer questions and give tours.

“Open house is a way for students to come in and understand who we are and what we do and how everyone can make a difference,” Ovasapyan said.
“In order to stay viable we need students to be involved.”

Eligible students can apply by going to the Student Center and picking up a petition packet from Oct. 26 to Nov. 6.

One hundred signatures are needed from registered students at GCC and a candidate’s statement to get the applicant started. The deadline is Nov. 6.
Vice President of Finance Gasia Keuork says student government gives students a chance to be part of something; the friendships and relationships made will last beyond the position.

“Student and faculty recognition are great, but I find it gratifying to do even little things to help out. Just directing a new student to their class is rewarding,” Keuork said.

Vice President of Campus Activities Ilona Evelina Mantachian says sharing one’s passion with others is vital for growth. Mantachian wants her college experience to be a memorable one for herself and fellow students.
“A position in student government can be stressful, but rewarding,” Mantachian said. “It’s about creating a positive environment and enriching our college experience and being a part of it.”

Making campus life better is the main goal for the members of the ASGCC. Student outreach is a big part of what they do to make everyone’s voice heard.

They also support campus club activities through funding and urge students to bring ideas on how to improve campus life to their attention.
Their next event is the Halloween Spooktacular coming up on Oct. 23, from 6 to 10 p.m.

It will have a DJ, food trucks, a haunted maze, carnival games hosted by some of the clubs and a screening of “Beetlejuice” in Plaza Vaquero.
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