Student Employment Services Lend a Helping Hand

Looking for a part-time job on or around campus? The Job Placement Center, located on the second floor of the San Rafael building, is here to help.

“The mission of Student Employment Services is to provide comprehensive assistance to students and alumni in their search for employment and to assist employers in finding capable, qualified applicants,” as posted in its mission statement.

The center offers employment services and internships for current students, alumni and faculty.

Director of Student Employment Services (SES) Andra Hoffman-Verstraete is confident that they do good work and succeed the majority of the time.

She says that the weekly average for 800 students is now 10 hours for part-time jobs and there are still 300 active jobs available.

Hoffman-Verstraete pointed out that the new online job board,, will make it easier for students to find work.

“We used to have hard copies in the hallway and we’re not doing that any more,” she said.

The site allows the creation and uploading of resumes, quick searching for job opportunities and access to work information.

Student worker Anna Hartounian, receptionist for the Job Placement Center, said it is rewarding to work there and be able to help students of all ages.

“Don’t give up. Keep looking for a job,” she advises students who come to the job center for help. She also recommends visiting the annual job orientation in the fall to learn about work and what job is right for you.

There will be significant changes as far as employment services, but Hoffman-Verstraete could not give any details, stating that such information is currently classified.

Students, alumni and faculty are encouraged to visit the Job Placement Center, as it is a free service that could help in exploring job opportunities and internships.

The Student Employment Services department is very proud of the work they do for students seeking jobs and employers seeking employees.

SES also hosts an annual Job Fair in Plaza Vaquero to make finding work more fun. This past March, businesses looked for students interested in full-time, part-time or internship positions.

The fair hosted employers such as the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Hurricane Harbor and much more.

This semester, SES is hosting a Seasonal Hiring Spree for the first time. Interviewees should bring their resumes and dress professionally on Oct. 21 if they are looking for a temporary job to get through the holidays.

The employers are determined to interview and hire on-the-spot for retail and/or hospitality positions. Call (818) 240-1000, ext. 5194 or email [email protected] for more information.