Board of Trustees Welcomes New Professors

Elie Georges, News Editor

The Board of Trustees held its monthly meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 15 in Kreider Hall at 5 p.m. granting academic advancement ranks, approving resolutions and discussing updates.

After the Pledge of Allegiance and roll call, four faculty members were awarded the title of professor.

In addition, eight were granted the title associate professor, two assistant professor, and 11 adjunct assistant professor.

“I think that it is wonderful for faculty to have the opportunity to advance in rank based on their commitment to serving students and contributions to GCC,” said Career Center counselor Denise Leong-Brattain on advancing to associate professor.

The board then took action on eight resolutions. The first seven involved transferring money from the Unrestricted General Fund to the Restricted General, Capital Construction, Self-Insurance and Cafeteria Funds. The eighth resolution was to compensate trustees on their absences.

All of the eight resolutions were approved.

Among the subjects discussed by the board was accreditation.

When an institution is accredited, it complies with a set of standards that give the institution its credibility. In other words, as long as GCC is accredited, the units transferred from Glendale College to other schools count.

On Aug. 28, the California Community College Chancellor’s Office found the current accrediting agency no longer operates in the interest of its member institutions.

The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges is the agency that evaluates accreditation for community colleges in the state. ACCJC placed City College of San Francisco on “show cause” in July 2013.

A “show cause” is the most severe sanction the commission imposes after finding a college failing to meet its recommended standards.

CCSF is currently accredited, but only for a two-year restoration status.

The commission has been sanctioning community colleges in an inconsistent manner and has been unresponsive to the Chancellor’s Office recommendations.

The credibility of ACCJC has been questioned ever since the City College issue.

GCC is due for an accreditation visit in October 2016.

Trustee Ann Ransford shared her feedback after attending the California Community College Trustees Board of Directors meeting two weekends ago with the board.

Ransford spoke about the possible formation of an accreditation commission, or joining ACCJC with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, which accredits four-year institutions.

“If you have more than two [BA programs] you are automatically accredited through the senior college and university commision,” said Ransford.

Ransford also said that the report by CCCT “clearly states that constituency should continue to work in a cooperative and productive manner with ACCJC.”

The next Board of Trustees meeting will be on Oct. 20 at 5 p.m. in Kreider Hall.