ASGCC Results Offer Possible Change

Winners of the spring 2015 student government elections were announced  Thursday.

Christine Ovasapyan was voted the next ASGCC President. With plans to transfer herself, she said most GCC students aspire to move on to a four-year institution and decided to make that the focus of her term.

“I would love to see a one-year schedule implemented, where every summer students will be able to see what classes are going to be offered during the fall and spring semesters, as well as short sessions,” she said. “This way, students can plan accordingly with their Student Education Plan to ensure they [can] transfer within 2-3 years.”

Ovasapyan said it would prevent students from looking to neighboring colleges for necessary classes.

“This plan isn’t something than can happen within a year, but something that can be initiated and carried through…To be implemented, this would have to be discussed by the student legislature, then the appropriate steps would be taken,” she said.

Gasia Pushian won vice president of finance. Pushian said she wants to look at what the general needs are, while considering the Campus Project Support applications to determine what would “make the life on campus better.”

Ilona Mantachian, future vice president of campus activities, said her main goal in the fall is to create events everybody will be interested in.

“We have so much diversity at GCC and we should be so proud of that,” she said. “We should unite all the athletes, musicians, scholars and night students…they all need to be united and appreciated,” she said.

Reni Stepanian, who is moving from senator to vice president of campus relations, said they have
already begun brainstorming ideas.

“My committee’s goal is going to be to help students get involved on campus in any way possible so every student can have a sense of belonging somewhere,” Stepanian said.

She hopes their transition from a monthly paper newsletter to an e-newsletter will be effective.

Brandon Sevilla, winner of the vice president of campus organizations position, said “being involved on campus creates a closer community by building stronger interpersonal relationships with each other.”

Sevilla said his first semester at GCC was “dreadful” and attributes that to his lack of involvement on campus. In fall 2014, he took on the representative-at-large position for the Campus Relations Committee.

Other winners include:

-Vice President of Administration-:Elin Mikaelian

-Senators of Administration: Astghik Hakobyan, Mariam Pushian, Izabella Sahakyan

-Senators of Finance: Dro Mandani, Rena Mkhitaryan, Nelle Stepanyan

-Senators of Campus Activities: Emin Azarian, Patrick Damadian, Hovsep Hovhannisyan

-Senators of Campus Relations: Gevorg Hovhannisyan, Ekaterina Nikitina, Deanna Sargsyan

-Senators of Campus Organizations: Ella Mokhtarians, Elmira Tofanyan, Anaeis Zaghian.